Gracelands Traad Ponds is situated in N.Ireland on the West coast of Lough Neagh just outside Ballyronan and is surrounded by a conservation area teeming with wildlife.

Opened in 1998, Gracelands Traad Ponds was designed around man made ponds which were made by dredging sand in the 50’s and 60’s.

All the trees and vegetation have now matured around the ponds and a challenging nine-hole golf course was cut out of the wilderness.

There are five ponds containing freshwater fish such as Pike, Roach, Perch, Tench, Eel, Rud and Bream. This is a catch and release Fishing Facility from the fifthteen specially constructed fishing stands. Fishing from dawn to dusk.

New clubhouse will be opening in the near future with changing rooms and shower.


The course is set in a particularly picturesque parkland area demanding skills and patience for the golfer due to the position and size of the man made ponds.

Although it is strictly parkland in nature, the nine-hole tract has the distinct feel of a links course offering excellent year round play.

The golf course has 6 par fours and 3 par threes with some challenging navigation required over the ponds.

With the ground being of sandy nature the course is quite dry and playable almost all year round.

There are changing rooms and shower facilities.

Golf Etiquette

  1. Please help the green’s staff to keep the course to a high standard by;
    • Repairing pitch marks
    • Replacing all divots
    • Raking bunkers
  2. Do not damage tees and fairways with practice swings
  3. Do not leave bags or trollies on other players route or take them over the greens
  4. A single player has no standing on golf course
  5. If players have one clear hole in front they should invite other players behind through
  6. Please obey all signs and rules
  7. Shout fore where necessary
  8. Avoid slow play
  9. Proper manner and dress appropriately
  10. Please use tee mats were provided

Why not come & pay us a visit for an enjoyable day of leisure.

Please respect our local rules

Golf Fees – Weekdays and Weekends inc Bank Holidays

9 Holes18 Holes
£10£ 15

£5 for half day 4 hours

£8 for full day 8 hours

Footgolf fees
£5 for 9 holes

Everyone is most welcome to come, explore and participate in our parkland activities.

Golf balls can be aquired by giving us a call on 07703 20 99 54

Gracelands Glamping

With our newly completed glamping site as of Summer 2021, we are offering the unique chance to stay within the picturesque parkland area of Gracelands Traad Ponds on the West coast of Lough Neagh, just outside Ballyronan.

Here you can mingle with the local wildlife, enjoy a spot of fresh water fishing or a round of golf. You have the the benefit of staying in an eco friendly bespoke pod right on the edge of the golf course.

Your pod has a mezzanine level bedroom, separate bathroom and combined bedroom / relaxing quarters that will comfortably cater for up to 6 people. Nearby you have the luxury of relaxing in a hot tub. The village of Ballyronan a few minutes away offers convenience shopping, hot food to take away and local pubs.

Its a unique retreat experience rather than the mundane rectangular brick hotel room.

Activities Available when glamping

  • Bird watching
  • Romantic walks, more

Fees Apply:

  • Golf, Fishing, Footgolf

Secure your booking with a small deposit by making the call

All enquiries and to make a booking contact
Shaun 07793 796805 / 07703 209954


Gracelands Traad Ponds is set in a picturesque parkland area just outside Ballyronan on the West coast of Lough Neagh.

It consists of an 9 hole golf course interspersed with five ponds containing freshwater fish such as Pike, Roach, Perch, Tench, Eel, Rud and Bream that can be caught and released from the fifteen fishing stands where anglers can relax, enjoy the scenery and mingle with the local wildlife.