Local Golf Rules

  1. If your ball lands on or near wrong green, lift drop 5 paces from green not nearer playing hole
  2. Dropping zone for holes 2 & 7 beside 2nd green
  3. Dropping zone for 6th hole beside 1st green
  4. If ball lands on any pathway, it may be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole
  5. Danger – all ponds are deep, balls not to be retrieved
  6. Players not obeying rules e.g. not using tee mats etc may be asked to leave the course
  7. Young trees 6 foot and under one club length
  8. If T-shot in pond, nearest point of relief or dropping zone must be used

Out Of Bounds

  1. Beyond any white stakes
  2. Over all boundry fences
  3. Car park and clubhouse area
  4. If T-shot from 7th – enters 8th, or 8th tee shot enters 7th fairway, one shot penalty will occur
  5. T-shot at 9th coming to rest on left of white stakes on 1st fairway – one shot penalty


All ponds and overgrown marsh areas are water hazards, rule 26 applies. Two club lengths at nearest point of relief or as far back as possible keeping hazard between you and the flag. Any unprepared area, wet areas, tractor tracks. Ball lifted, cleaned and dropped.

Immovable Obstructions

Sprinkler heads and hydrant covers
Tee markers, seats, signs, litter bins
Bridges and pathways
Shrub beds
Staked trees